Are you driven to tell stories that help society advance solutions? Do you use storytelling to help others make better sense of our changing world?

If so, Ashoka invites you to become our first Storyteller-in-Residence (STiR) in Canada - a rare opportunity to connect with the world’s largest community of leading Changemakers. We’ve designed our short-term fellowship program to support writers, journalists, editors, photographers, and filmmakers to spend three months working on a bold new initiative - a project that improves storytelling in a world of rapid change.

Projects can involve but are not limited to the production of new stories. We welcome reporting of under-reported or un-reported stories as well as deeper investigations into credible responses to social problems. That said, previous STiR fellows in other countries have developed new tools for storytelling and new networks of solution-focused journalists. We are open to ideas. Projects will be evaluated on creativity and potential for impact.

For more info on program and past STiR fellows, download this overview. Also, check out this interview with Attila Mong, a former Storyteller-in-Residence in Europe.

Ideal candidates are those who are entrepreneurial, innovative, and passionate about presenting solutions, provoking deep thought, and catalyzing action through the power of stories.

The selected storyteller will be able to access Ashoka’s network, design their own experience and projects, research the solutions of leading social entrepreneurs, and immerse themselves in a place or subject matter to better understand the trends and frontiers of societal development. They will be given time and access to resources that help them understand patterns of social innovation.

Ashoka will provide a needs-based stipend. However, the selected storyteller works independently and is not expected to report on Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows during or after the program.

The Ashoka STiR program aims to become a global network of journalists who are passionate about the patterns that drive social innovation, a go-to platform for journalism stories and projects supporting changemaking and a think-tank of new journalism narratives around solutions to social challenges. The storytellers should not write about Ashoka during the length of their stipend, and they are neither expected nor required to do so afterwards.


October 28-November 14 - Open Call for Candidates
Nov 17-21 - Interviews with shortlisted candidates
November 25 - Selection panel
December 4 - Announcement
January - Fellowship begins

Fill out this brief Application Form to be considered.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a full time commitment or can we have other projects or work on the side?   

 The STiR fellow should focus first and foremost on their project and immersing fully in the world of Changemakers during the fellowship period. However, there can be some flexibility to accommodate important commitments.

Does the project have to be a solo effort or can I work with others on a common project? Do I need to be the originator of the idea?  

 It can be either but the STiR fellow should be a leading contributor if it’s a group project. You should also have played a lead role in originating the project.

My idea will take much longer than three months to complete. What type of progress do you expect?  

 Significant progress should be made and a key milestone should be achieved. You should define the three-month outcome clearly. What we don’t want is to see you spend the entire three months fundraising to get the project started.

How much is the stipend?

About $10,000 for three months, depending on need.